We have developed a seamless, smart and unified content distribution strategy that generates results and sales across all online marketing channels. No matter where you are in your business strategy we can create a plan that fits right in to your business logic. It’s easy to understand, you can check in on it at any time and it provides powerful insight on what people are looking for, clicking on and sharing with their friends and colleagues. We help you adapt and identify new markets and new income streams.

 Our approach and process drives traffic, conversions, leads, sales and continuous email campaigns. 


Proper Formatting for Web and Mobile.

Building a website is only half the battle. It has to be accessible on any device, look good and work properly. Many times people build beautiful websites but are completely blind to search engines, lack proper messaging that clearly defines what you are trying to sell and only works on a laptop or desktop computer. We organize your site in a way that search engines know exactly who you, why you are different from your competition and is ready for mobile and tablet visitors. Google has already started to heavily penalize those companies that are not smart with their mobile optimization, and every day without proper compatibility loses you business.

Keyword and Copy – Keywords, Copy and a CUP

We review all the competitors and keywords surrounding your product or service, and build keyword specific paragraphs and content about your company that generate traffic. We ensure the indexing of all your keywords with all major search engines, and we wont settle until you are number one on Google. Then we create a CUP(Custom User Profile), that is your way of maximizing efficiency and ease of us for both us and you.With it you can see everything we are doing on a weekly basis and sync important login info and resources with us regularly. This dashboard or CUP, is essentially, your gateway into how we operate daily and is crucial to managing all of your business’ important information.


We shouldn’t have to explain the immense importance of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) to the average marketer, but to those who are not aware, how you rank on Google and other search engines is crucial to driving online business and funneling traffic from people interested straight to your site. By tinkering slightly with your site and the content you produce, we raise our clients from the depths of google obscurity straight into the front page on all the searches that count.

We do in depth keyword research and ensure that all of your pages and tags are just to googles liking, we nest deep links to help drive traffic to lower frequency pages on your site and diversify your page rank, and we make sure everything is mobile friendly so google ranks highly for mobile searches as well.

All these things combined make 11 Amps an SEO powerhouse that never leaves its clients unhappy.

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Getting traffic is one thing, but it means nothing if you can’t convert traffic into real tangible business. Once a consumer is on your site or reading your content, it is imperative to engage them and draw them in and collect emails, names, and other contact info to maintain a healthy base of subscribers and retain your business.

As traffic and conversion grow, we then define specific campaigns to mine signups and funnel consumers to where you want them. Your audience came to your site for a reason, let’s give them something to remember you by and in exchange, ask them for their contact information so you can continue to stay in touch with them.

So let us launch your business into the next echelon of success and see what you’ve been missing!

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As you accrue a base of followers, you will reach a point where managing them becomes a chore and eats up too much of your precious time. This is where we come in and help you manage a stable, consistent email campaign that will both rekindle interest in your brand in consumers, and get content that you value published to your followers. We will take your lists of subscribers and build a newsletter personally tailored just for you, full of related content and all the links that you want to place.

The email campaign process is invaluable to the online marketer, and 11 Amps takes our email marketing extremely seriously. Companies have been made and broken over the strength of their email infrastructure, and every business serves to gain by implementing an email newsletter system.

But don’t just listen to us, take a look at some of the personal newsletters we have created before so you can see the results that email marketing is able to create.


As your company continues to grow you are going to want to know who is saying good things about you and be able to communicate and respond to them via email, social media and through your website. More importantly, you need to know when something negative is being said. The ability to respond to negative comments and results that appear online via social or search are key to securing a positive reputation online and staying in good standings because of it. Being able to address negative comments makes it much easier to convert that negative situation into a positive experience. As an established or growing company, it’s how you react and handle these situations that will create your company’s ‘online identity’, and how you approach the positives and negatives could have a large impact on business in the future.

We are consistently watching out for your brand and helping turn all these negative situations into both positive endeavors and learning experiences. The most important thing with reputation management is having a helping hand to guide you through some of the muck along the way, and 11 Amps is ready everyday to walk you through the process and help steer away from any detrimental exposure.

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