We specialize in making our clients revenue online with marketing and content strategies on mobile, search and social networks. We then build lead generation and email campaigns to retain and continue relationships with your customers. Understanding the entire customer value chain is why our clients save time, money and increase profits.

We are US based company located in the heart of Silicon Beach, Venice CA. Inspired by the mockumentary Spinal Tap, our approach and success is one louder than any other company in this industry. We flood search and social networks with quality content approved by Google and welcomed by social networks. All our efforts are 100% safe, proven and generates results.

Are You Really Different Than Other Companies?

Yep, 11 Amps takes a completely different approach to your customer value chain. we not only get #1 results on search and social but we get people to find, see and share your brand. We love what we do and are doing what we love. Our basic approach is:


We understand what makes people tick, clique and click.

Can You Show Me What You Can Do?

Yes, and we can prove it. All we need is 20 minutes of your time.

How Do I Know You Guys Are Legit?

Right? Don’t take our word for it. Check out some of our satisfied clients. If you want references, just inquire. Here is a sampling of results for a few keywords. We will show you more in the presentation.

Here’s a link to our background:

Here’s a link to our design marketing reel.